Friday, September 12, 2014

Dress refashion: from "short & boring" to "striped & amazing"

Last time I refashioned a dress in this post, where I added a cream colored ribbon detail to the front of an existing dress, completely transforming the look of the dress into something new and exciting.

Well, I happened to have anothed dress of the same type, only without sleeves. I'd used it as a strictly summer dress because it was very short when worn by a giant like myself. Now I came to think that I could add something to the hem to make it longer and maybe wear it also during the winter.

I dug out my pile of fabrics.

I took one of the stripey pieces and used that. I measured the width of the hem of my dress and cut two pieces of that length (plus seam allowance). I then sewed them together, right side to right side, to create a loop of fabric, which I then pinned and sewed onto the hem of the dress. I hemmed the newly added length and looked at the dress... It looked okay, but I wanted to add something striped on the top part as well.

I remembered this tutorial by one of my favorite DIY bloggers, and I set out to make a Peter Pan collar for my dress. It was a bit of trial and error to find the best angle for the stripes on the collar, but in the end I managed to find something that looked just right.

And here are the results:

So instead of a boring stretchy dress that's a bit too short for me, I now have an awesome new dress to rock when me and Stormiina hit the thrift stores tomorrow. This was a really simple refashion and it didn't take much time to complete. You should definitely try this if you have a dress you want to spruce up a bit. :)

So, what do you think of today's quick refashion?



  1. THIS IS AWESOME! Such a great and simple, yet effective refashion! I'm so so happy that I could have helped in creating this :D xxx

    1. Thanks! Your tutorials are always so well-constructed and easy to follow I have no doubts that they will help me create awesome clothing every time I use them :)