Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oh My... vol II - the men I didn't gush over in the last post

So, I kind of got very excited about this whole .gif post thing, and since I couldn't possibly fit all gorgeous men in one post, here, have another. (The previous post can be found here.) Again, agree/disagree, this is purely subjective... Last post featured 12 burning hot men, this time I've more than doubled my efforts and present to you no less than 27 pieces of eye-candy.

Warning! Excessive fangirling ahead, once again. Oh, and I kind of went overboard with some of the guys below *coughJohnBarrowmancough*, but bear with me...

Hold onto your panties hats, here we go!

1. The first man on this list is Viggo Mortensen. I thought about featuring him in the previous post, but for some reason didn't. So here he is in all his glory! This is kind of Aragorn-heavy, though, because in my opinion he is at his hottest in Lord of the Rings.

Hello, smiling Aragorn.

Oh, I will. *wiggles eyebrows*

Sitting in a dark corner with your heard covered in a hood is not concealing your hotness, good sir.

Why so serious?

Although, being so solemn is perhaps not such a bad thing after all...

So yeah, the only non-Aragorn .gif... but really, Aragorn.


2. Next, I'd like to take a moment to confess something. I really, really like High School Musical. I mean, completely unironically, hands-down love it. So, yeah, here's Zac Efron. Just because I can.

I mean, look at that smile. So adorable!

No, seriously. That smile. It's kind of like puppies and rainbows and happy things.

Blowing kisses. Awww...

Also, hello eyes. *stares*

And when has a leather jacket ever looked bad on anyone? Definitely not looking bad on Zefron...

Can we take a moment to appreciate the smile?

No, really... can we?

Well hello there, hot stuff. Also, arms.


3. So here's that one man who has the cheekbones that could cut glass. Meaning, of course, Guy Pearce. He was in Memento and lately in Iron Man 3 (in which he was a douchebag, but a hot douchebag nonetheless!)


If you look at me like that, I don't care if you want to kill me.



Kind of a bastard, yet still manages to look good.

Ohey, did I mention the cheekbones?


4. Alright, next up we have Jude Law, because, hey, Jude Law.

Yes, you. You hot thing. Smiling like that...

No, really... smiling like that... I think I need a moment here.

asjsjkhd Jude, what are you doing? Jude, STAPH. *fans self*

Haha, dude's got ~moves.

Hypnotizing eyes.

Jude is in his happy place. Or something.

Smirking Watson.
Watson. Smirking. Unf.


5. In the last post I presented Aidan Turner who played Kili in The Hobbit. Well, now the spotlight is on Thorin Oakenshield, meaning, Richard Armitage. Helloooo, hot stuff!

Good day to you too, Thorin.

Intense stare. *stares back*

Okay, so he definitely doesn't need to be in Thorin's role to look good.

...definitely not.

But still, Thorin.

Yes, Thorin. Yum.


6. So last post featured my favorite doctor (David Tennant), but let's not forget about the oh-so-loveable Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor.

Hi there, Matt!

Thumbs up for Matt Smith, folks!

If anyone dares to claim that Matt isn't hot, I tell them to look at this .gif. Look at it. o_O

And if you still think he isn't hot, here's to you. From Matt, with love.

He is all kinds of adorable.

...and all kinds of silly goofing.

Oh, I would definitely trust you. Any day. *ogles*


7. So yeah, I kind of went a bit crazy here. But it's John Barrowman (aka Captain Jack Harkness), so you'll have to forgive me. And I know you will, once you look at them .gifs below! Because seriously, Captain Jack Harkness! Bonus Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones) as well, although he will be presented on his own next. But since I ship this pair so hard it's kind of ridiculous, there will be Ianto. Deal with it.

Captain Jack, at your service. Unf.

Jack Harkness is kind of hot.

Okay, scrap that. Not kind of hot, but seriously, ridiculously hot.

Ridiculously hot. *drool*

Also, smile. Guh.

No, really. That smile.

Um, excuse me, I'm going to need a moment here... o_O

Well, Jack, I could possibly tell you what I'm thinking right now, but it might be kind of X-rated at this point...

I could definitely take a hug like that. (Hi, Ianto!)

*ahem* Where was I?
(Guh, you guys! *fans self*)

Okay, taking it down a notch here... don't want drool on my laptop.
(Also, it was totally Owen who did that!)


8. So, since we already covered Ianto a little bit, here's some more Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones of Torchwood). Bonus Jack Harkness may appear! *wiggles eyebrows*

Oh, hi.

He makes looking good while eating seem so effortless. Unfair.

Also, suit.

And sassy eye-rolling. Unf.

Shy smile. Awww...

Passive-aggressive stares. Oh, boys.

I think I have hearts in my eyes.

So. Damn. Cute. Seriously.


9. Well, onwards! Next in line we have Jamie Bell!

Yes, you.

I may have a slight thing for redheads...

Yeah, most definitely a thing for redheads.

Also, you know, shy-looking nerd boys. Definitely have a thing for those.

I also might have a thing for the way Jamie's throat moves when he swallows. I could stare at that happening for a long while...

So yeah, Jamie Bell. I kinda wanna pinch his cheeks and ravish him...


10. Okay, then... awkward boys, totally my thing. Which is why Colin Morgan (Merlin) is here. But really, I dare you to look at him and not coo "awwww" at some point. So adorable!

Those cheekbones! And ears!

That shy smile!

He has an intense stare...

...and he's sometimes very ~fierce.

I don't know what's up with this emo hairstyle that he sported in that one Doctor Who episode...

...but what the hell, he's still cute.

I'm having trouble coming up with more praising captions...

...but I wanna show you all of these gorgeous .gifs I found!

Happy-looking Colin = cute Colin.

I don't know what's going on in this .gif, but jesus, Colin... Sweaty, panting and doing that tiny swallow... I... give me a moment, here. *stares*


11. So, there really isn't Merlin without Arthur, so here, have some Bradley James (Arthur Pendragon)! Pretty smile! Totally hot! Mmmmm...

Smile. Guh.

No, really. Smile.

Hi there, goofy Bradley!

Ahahaha, ~eyebrows.

Okay, so I totally have a thing for when guys swallow. I could stare at that for hours. (Too bad this .gif is cut off at the best part...)

Confused Bradley is confused.

Cute. Pinch cheeks. You know the deal.

The ultimate bromance. Awwww... *heart-eyes*


12. Alright, so moving on from Camelot to Norse Gods... So, Chris Hemsworth, aka that blonde dude with the hammer. Or Thor. Whichever you prefer.

I like his eyebrows. They're very ~expressive.

And his smile. It makes me smile.

Hair! So smooth and shiny. Thor is like a walking conditioner ad.

Aww, he's trying to be all ~fierce Norse God, but he's just adorable.

Eyebrows. Just sayin'.

And, you know, arms. *drool*

Okay, whatever is on that fork, I want to be it. Thxbye. o_O


13. Well. Everyone and their mother is already completely smitten by Robert Downey Jr, and I can happily say that I'm no different! So, have at it!

His smile is sort of awesome.

He can don a hat like no one's business.

And rock sunglasses like whoa.

Again with the smile! Guh, what you do to me, Robert Downey Jr...

Okay, I'll forgive you anything and everything, just keep blowing those kisses.

Eyebrows. Eyes. Robert Downey Jr.

Also, as Tony Stark his lack of self-criticism will never not be funny. *snicker*


14. Can we next discuss House, MD? Meaning, of course, Hugh Laurie. Oh well, I'm just going to go ahead and spam his face here anyway, because it's House. Yummm...

Hugh Laurie has a gift...

...I mean, how can he express so much with a mere look?

No, sir, you are good.

Must be difficult to be so full of awesome, but he thinks nothing of it.

Hugh Laurie has ~charm...

...intense gaze...

...and shifty eyes... I like.


15. Well, while we're on the subject of people named Hugh... I give you Hugh Jackman! Wolverine! Shiny claws! Awesomeness! (This is for Stormiina. I'm going to offer you a virtual pile of tissues before we even start, because I know what kind of a pond of drool you will produce because of the following images... :P)

Deal with it.

Well, hello to you too.

I have a thing for Wolverine hair. And how it looks on Hugh Jackman.

And eyebrows.

Aaaaaand smile. Hello, smile. You make me happy.

Okay, let's get down to business. And claws. Claws that appear so fast...

...really, is this an euphemism? If so, I am not disapproving.

Hot damn.

Whew, seriously... *fans self*

My exact words at the two previous .gifs.

Hugh Jackman approves of this .gif collection. I do too.


16. Alright, moving on to Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian / Dorian Gray).

Hi, you bad boy. Bad boys are totally hot.

Yup, totally hot.

Also, cute.

I like his hair when he's Caspian/Dorian. I just wanna run my fingers through it.

But hey, the shorter hair works just as well! No complaints here!

You, sir, do evil things with your tongue...

...and your eyes...

...and that smile. Guh.


17. So, I don't care what anyone says, Justin Timberlake is totally hot. I've seen a couple of movies he's been in, and he's not half bad as an actor, and also, there's the hotness factor. So, Justin Timberlake!

Hey, Justin.

You can keep looking at me like that until the end of days, Justin.

Hello, arm.

Any man can look good in a suit, but Justin Timberlake looks very good in a suit.

The only thing wrong with this .gif is that it is cropped waaaaayyy too high at the lower edge.

How does he not like stupid in those glasses? How?


18. So, I mentioned before something about redheads. And a thing I have for redheads. I also want to list some men who I think are wastly underappreciated. So, there's Domhnall Gleeson who played Bill Weasley in HP. (Oh, and he's been in the new version of Anna Karenina! Gotta put that down on my To Watch -list!) So, he looks like this:

...and yet it was extremely difficult to find good .gifs of him! This is an outrage! To the barricades! We demand more .gifs of Domhnall!

Beard looks extremely good on him.

But he also looks good without it. And with shorter hair.

Subtract beard, add long hair = Domhnall who looks very young. And smiley.

Ahahahaha :D

Ugh, right in my HP feels.

But okay, I forgive you. *stares at smile*

I really, really like that beard on him. o_O

Here's one more picture for good measure. Really. Too few good .gifs out there. *sadface*


19. Alright, from gingers to something completely different. So, there was the American version of Queer As Folk, and in it was Gale Harold as Brian Kinney. And can anyone say hot? Nnghhh. Hot. Hothothot.

*cough* Okay, .gifs now.

This is Gale Harold.

With his mischievous smile and uppity attitude.

But he has every right to be arrogant, because he fucking looks like this.

Could you say no to this face?

I know I couldn't.


aslsdfjghhh. Gale, you smoking hot thing. UNF.

Bonus boylove. Hi, Justin! (Randy Harrison)

This is just... cute. And hot. And cute.

I want Galehugs as well! Gimme!


20. Okay, since clearly I have not gushed enough about the men of Torchwood, here's Burn Gorman who played Owen Harper in Torchwood. The character was rather annoying at times, but that's what made him so adorable.

He's got this oblique smile. Mischievous, even.

Burn Gorman is Not Amused.

Ohey, dance moves!

Well, I must say that I couldn't agree more, if it involves you, hottie.

Awww, a sad semi-smile. Let me hug you!

What's that? More hugs? You got it!

Oh, you're so fierce with the gun! *melts* (Also, hiiiii Ianto!)


21. Here's another who divides opinions... Orlando Bloom, or Will Turner from PotC, or Legolas from LotR, or... you get the gist. But really, elves. And pirates! We have all the ingredients for hot stuff! And that hot stuff is Orlando Bloom.

Are you trying to distract us from your hotness with balloon animals? It's not working!

Or with random plants? Not working either.

Because hooootttt. You can't conceal your hotness.

Nice try, though. You get an A for effort.

Okay, can we get to the elves now? Because hellooooo.

I think I mentioned that swallowing thing once twice several times before. Look at him go!

Fierce with a bow.

L'Oreal Orlando Bloom - because you're worth it.


22. Alright, so Stargate Atlantis. I gushed over Jason Momoa in the previous post, but there's another hot guy in the show as well! Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, or Joe Flanigan.

Here he is. With his eyebrows.

Looking confused. Still with eyebrows.

Looking sad. (Note: eyebrows!)

Okay, enough with the eyebrows now. Let's look at that smile!

No, wait, sorry. I wasn't quite done with the eyebrows yet! Here's another!

Bloody hot. Literally.

I love his hair. I want to mess it up... if you know what I mean. *wiggles eyebrows*
Bonus Dr Rodney McKay (David Hewlett)


23. If you haven't watched Community, get to it. If you cannot think another reason to watch the series, then watch it because it has Joel McHale as Jeff Winger, a sleazy douchebag who also happens to be a completely loveable dork. And hey, hot.

Jeff Winger agrees.

Hello, smile.

The smile is kind of perfect.

Yes. Yes you are.

Smoking hot with a gun as well.

Again with the smile! How dare you?

Really... I can't think of anything. *bats lashes*

Uh huh... whatever you say, Joel. *stares*


24. Okay, and the first one who says that Jackson Rathbone sucks because he was in Twilight will have to answer to me! Because we all make mistakes, right? And mistakes can be forgiven as long as you look like Jackson Rathbone. Y/Y?

mfy. Because tongue.

And because of that smile.

And eyes...

Hahaha, that eyebrow thing just makes me laugh. :D

And so does this. LOL @ Jackson trying to be all ~scary.

Because really, all he is is just cute.


25. Okay, remember that silly, scrawny kid from the series 3rd Rock from the Sun? Well, that scrawny kid grew up to be the Joseph Gordon-Levitt we know and drool over today.

Hello, Joseph. Wanna take the rest of those clothes of as well?

No? Well, that's disappointing. *sigh*

Okay, I don't know what you're doing here, but eh... you're still hot doing whatever it is that you're doing.

Ohey, swallowing. That slight bounce of the adam's apple right there... nnghhhh.

Smiiiiiile. Smile. Guh.

Oh, you weren't done smiling yet? Don't let me stop you! *heart-eyes*

Ahahahah, okay, whatever :D

I kind of want to ruffle his hair. And tie him down onto a bed. And do bad, bad things to him. *cough*


26. I used to hate Ashton Kutcher. Because I thought he was a comedy clown (ahem, That 70's Show), with no further use than those series that have studio audience laughter recorded on them so that you know when you're supposed to laugh. Silly me, how wrong I was... First there was the Butterfly Effect, and after that I kinda noticed that Ashton Kutcher really isn't that bad. In fact, he is rather hot these days! See for yourself.



Oh, I wouldn't mind waking up next to that.

Or next to that smile.

Also, wouldn't mind finding this when I come into a room. Not in the least. Hello there, Ashton. *fans self*

I agree! :D

Um, yeah? A hot mess! Because damn.

Oh, sweetie, I would not let you go either. I would hang onto you like a sloth for the rest of my days. *sly grin*


27. Okay, phew, almost done here. I think I need a very cold shower after this post is done. Last but not the least on my list I have Heath Ledger, who, sadly will not make further contributions to the hotness factor in this world. RIP.

Awwwww, smile.

Ahahaha, brooding teenage Heath Ledger playing with fire. :D

Okay, sorry Heath... not laughing at you anymore. Much.

Rocking the bleached hair look. Looking good while doing so.

~deep. :D

One shouldn't be allowed to look so good while smoking.

Well, well, well... what do we have here?

Hot stuff, that's what. *winks back*

Okay, so I just had to put this here. Because boys! (Bonus Jake Gyllenhaal)

Well, I'll finish off here, and if you really made it this far, applause to you. From the Joker!


Alright, so there was vol II of my hot men posts. Thoughts? I think there will be another post for women, because equality and all that jazz. Also, women are hot as well. So, yeah, girl hotness to come!