Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A quick update! Totoro canvas bag for the raffle, and I now have business cards.

Hello everyone,
It's once again been hectic for the past weeks, and I haven't had a lot of time to do sewing or other projects. Cue sadface.

I have a few more exams coming up and one course on psychiatry, plus some therapy sessions left. But I'm hoping to get more sewing projects and such done soon. I've actually been thinking about extending my horizons by maybe painting something on a pair of cheap Converse copy shoes or other type of canvas shoes. I'll have to see how that goes, I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I noticed that I now have 20 followers. o_O (...Which doesn't sound like much, but to me it means a lot! I appreciate you guys for supporting my blog by following. ^_^)
Welcome, new followers, make yourself at home and I hope you enjoy my blog. :)


Last time I posted pictures of the raffle prizes, but one of them was not done. Now the last canvas bag is done and sent and hopefully already at its new home. ^_^

So here's what I made for Kiralia:

She requested something Totoro-related, so I made a bag with a full moon silhouette. I hope Kiralia likes it. :)


I also ordered business cards for my blog. Not because this is a business (or turning into one), but because many times when I've met new people and mentioned my blog in conversation, they've asked the address or name of the blog, and it would have been easier to just hand over a business card, instead of rattling out something like, "Well, it's somescoundrel.blogspot.com, or you can Google 'I Write Sins and Tragedies', or 'some scoundrel', or--"

So here they are:

Tacky/cheesy as they are, I'm rather fond of the design :D What do you think? :D


So, this was really just a quick update, I hope I can get back soon and present you with some new projects!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Raffle prizes: TARDIS bag, LotR bag and Doctor Who coasters

Hey all!
Last time I declared the winners of the raffle and asked them via email what they wanted on their canvas bag / coasters. Shadou asked for a Lord of the Rings bag and Doctor Who coasters, Carolsue asked for a Doctor Who themed canvas bag for her daughter, and I'm still waiting for Kiralia to decide what she wants on hers. But here are the ones that are ready:

Carolsue didn't have specific requests aside from the bag being Doctor Who themed, so I made this minimalist TARDIS canvas bag:

This was shipped to the United States last Thursday, so hopefully it will reach its destination soon. :)


Shadou asked for a Lord of the Rings canvas bag, something similar to the dress I made in December. So I made her this:

I quite like how this turned out with the reverse stencil thing I tried. :)

(Oh, and I made some modifications to the original LotR dress the other day... I chopped the sleeves to t-shirt length and took the waist in just a bit. I like it better now, because the sleeves were a bit too much and felt restricting, seeing as the fabric doesn't stretch at all... Maybe now it'll get the use it deserves! ...But yeah, onward!)

Shadou requested coasters with specific people / things from Doctor Who, and I hope to have accomplished what she was looking for:

10th Doctor, 11th Doctor, River Song, TARDIS, Rose Tyler, Amy and Rory, Jack Harkness and some DALEKs. :)

The coasters are photos printed on regular paper, glued on mirror glass (first time experimenting with glass coaster base, and it worked great!) and then covered in a layer of decoupage varnish, allowed to dry and then sprayed with another layer of glossy acrylic coat. I've made a few batches of these (previously on wood or cork base) and they always turn out great and are moisture-resistant (which is a good thing for something that's designed to sit beneath your beverages).


So, like I said, Carolsue's bag has already been shipped and I'm hoping to get Shadou's bag and coasters wrapped and shipped tomorrow or the day after. :) And Kiralia, please let me know what kind of picture you want on your bag. If you still want one? :)


Monday, April 6, 2015

Raffle results!

Hey all!
So this morning I woke my sleeping husband with a command to pick a piece of folded paper out of a cereal bowl. So the person who chose the winner wasn't even properly awake, ha ha :D

Here's how I did the raffle: All your emails were written down on a Word document. If you had more than one ticket to the raffle, your email was in there two/three times. I then simply made the list of emails a numbered one, wrote the numbers down on pieces of paper, folded them and put them in the cereal bowl, and then asked my sleeping husband to act as (a very hairy) Lady Fortuna. So he pulled a number out of the bowl, I checked whose email corresponded to that number in the list, and we had a winner!

But wait, there's a twist!

The first paper to be pulled out of the bowl was the winner, who gets a custom canvas bag and a set of coasters. Then, in a momentary burst of spontaneous generousness, I asked my husband to pick another piece of paper: the runner-up would also get a canvas bag with a picture of their choosing.

My husband, in his slumber, accidentally handed me two pieces of paper tangled into one another, and I didn't have the heart to dispose of one, so I decided, what the hell, I'll just have two runners-up then.

The winner and the runners-up have been informed by email, but I might as well do a shout-out here: Shadou (winner) and Kiralia & Carolsue (runners-up), check your inbox. :)

The rest of you, thanks so much for participating and better luck next time! Stay tuned, as I'm planning to do another raffle sometime in the spring/summer. ^_^