Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh My...

So, there was this post on Buzzfeed, which prompted me to think about the men (in movies or otherwise) who I find attractive. See, that list on Buzzfeed was impressive, but there weren't that many men there who I think are hot. Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so forth, so I wanted to make my own .gif post about hot men. And cute men. And... well, men.

Warning! Excessive fangirling ahead.

Here goes.

1. Every person who has ever watched Doctor Who has their own Doctor, the one whose awesomeness exceeds that of all other Doctors. My Doctor is the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. He is adorable.

Well, hello to you too, sir.

That laughter.

That tongue-flick.

Looking good while eating? Not a problem.

Eyebrows. Just sayin'.


2. So, this hot man was listed on Buzzfeed as well, but since there can never be too much Benedict Cumberbatch in the world, here's some more of him!

That smile.

Um, yes please. Preferably naked.

*incoherent mumble*




3. Next, I would like to direct your attention towards the amazingness that is Norman Reedus. (And once again, I'd like to be a douchebag hipster and point out that I liked him before he was in Walking Dead.) So here, have some Norman Reedus.


Norman Reedus is kind of badass.

Hot badass.


Also, cute.

Aaaaand sometimes half-naked. But that's not bad at all.


4. And since there can be no MacManus brother without the other (Boondock Saints reference right there), here's some Sean Patrick Flanery.

Catching bullet casings like the badass he is.

Well hello there, O-face.

While we're at it, here's some gifs with both brothers. Just because I can.

Hot, even with blood on their faces.

Irishmen. Nnnghhh.

Sunglasses and badass coats. I approve.

Fooling around, those adorable idiots.

Oh, and this. *stares*


...ahem, onwards.

5. The next attractive male on my list is Jason Momoa, aka Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis or Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones (which I am yet to see, because I have to finish the books first...)

Hi, Jason. Looking good there.

Hair. I may have a thing for long-haired guys.

Dreadlocks work as well if you are holding a gun.

...or even if you aren't...

...Or if you have your dreads tied up. Hot nonetheless! (Also, hi Teal'c!)


6. Ryan Gosling tends to divide opinions. Some people hate him, some love him. I personally went through a phase in which I watched all his movies. So yeah, I think he's hot.

He looked good when he was a bit younger...

...what the hell, he still looks good.

Also, shirtlessness is never bad if it's Ryan Gosling.

And he manages to rock this look, which is pretty impressive.


7. The next fellow on my list is Aidan Turner, who played Kili in The Hobbit. I mean, who would have known that a dwarf can look so hot?

But in my opinion, Aidan looks better when he's just a plain old human... I mean, look at this:

Hello there, non-dwarf Aidan.


He also has a pretty mouth. Mesmerizing...


8. Moving on! Some people know about my not-so-secret guilty pleasure, which is the TV series called The O.C. And specifically one of its leading characters, Seth Cohen, played by Adam Brody. I am not entirely sure if I simply like the character (a geeky, awkward nerd boy, mmmm) or if I like Adam Brody. But he's so cute! So anyways, here's some Adam Brody for your pleasure.


Geek. Adorable, adorable geek.

Seriously, the character in the O.C. has the best shirts.

Also, the best shirtlessness. Nnghhh. o_O

...okay, moving on... moving on... any second now.


9. The following guy is not very known, but he played Jess in Gilmore Girls. He was such a little rebel in the series... So cute.
So, without further ado, I present to you Milo Ventimiglia.

Hi, Milo.

He's got so much sass that even his amazing eyebrows are having difficulties expressing it all. Seriously. So much sass.

How does this haircut not look bad? Probably because it's on Milo Ventimiglia's head. Boom.

I don't know what he is doing here, but it looks badass and hot.


10. Alright, fair's fair. If I include Milo in the listing, then Matt Czuchry should also be in it. Because seriously, Logan Huntzberger.

Matt, some day I will learn how to spell your damn last name instead of just copy-pasteing it from IMDB, but right now I'm too busy drooling.

That smile.

Is it wrong that I kind of want to be that water bottle?

Matt also has sass.

Lots and lots of sass. Hot damn.


11. So, the following guy is mostly known from the TV series Switched at Birth. I might have a thing for deaf guys, especially if they look like Sean Berdy. Granted, he's a bit young, but so cute and adorable. Also, sign language!

He's cute in that "I wanna pinch his cheeks and feed him sugarcubes" way.

He's got this smile...

This shy, adorable smile...

Did I mention the signing?

And the adorableness?

Also, if there was one couple I shipped in the TV series, it was Emmett and Bay. It makes me sad that they broke up :(


12. Let's face it, I couldn't have completed my list without one musician. So, this is Brendon Urie, singer of Panic! at the Disco. I first thought he was cute in 2006 and I haven't stopped since...

He is a total music geek and can play like 203 different instruments.

He's hot onstage.

And sometimes silly onstage...

And sometimes he's a total nerd. But still so cute.

Also, smouldering hot.


So, here are some of the guys that I find attractive. Agree/disagree, it's all good, but I hope you enjoyed this .gif spam.

love, scoundrel

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  1. Sain juuri mun siivousurakan loppuun ja nyt joudun todennäköisesti aloittamaan alusta, koska VOI TÄTÄ KUOLAN MÄÄRÄÄ.

    Milo Ventimiglia on btw tunnettu myös Heroesista, josta toi alin gif todennäköisesti on. :)

    Mä en tiedä mistä aloittaisin noiden kaikkien muiden kohdalla... Norman Reedus, ah. Matt Czuchry, ah. Balthazar Cucumbersandwich, ah ah ah. Tää lista oli paljon parempi, kuin se toinen! Jos joutuisin sun kanssa autiolle saarelle kymmenen miehen kanssa, niin saataisiin varmaan joku kissatappelu aikaiseksi, kun meillä on niin samanlainen miesmaku. :D

    1. Hahaha, mulle tuli sellanen mielikuva että jos me molemmat satuttais tapaamaan Mr Cumberbatch samaan aikaan ni siitä tulis melkoinen taistelu joka luultavasti päättyisi siihen että Benedic ryömis karkuun johonkin pöydän alle tms. :D

  2. Kiva lista ;)

    Mutta jäi vähän vaivaamaan tuo Aidanin osuuden teksti, koska ainakin kaksi viimeistä giffiä on Being Human:ista, joten tuossa pitäisi lukea pikemminkin "plain old vampire", kuin "plain old human". Se vain jotenkin... on pielessä ;D

    1. Fair enough, mutta lähinnä tarkoitin että näyttää paremmalta kun ei ole maskeerattu kääpiöksi. :D

      Kiva jos tykkäsit listasta. Postasin juuri toisen vielä isomman :D