Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A quick update! Totoro canvas bag for the raffle, and I now have business cards.

Hello everyone,
It's once again been hectic for the past weeks, and I haven't had a lot of time to do sewing or other projects. Cue sadface.

I have a few more exams coming up and one course on psychiatry, plus some therapy sessions left. But I'm hoping to get more sewing projects and such done soon. I've actually been thinking about extending my horizons by maybe painting something on a pair of cheap Converse copy shoes or other type of canvas shoes. I'll have to see how that goes, I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I noticed that I now have 20 followers. o_O (...Which doesn't sound like much, but to me it means a lot! I appreciate you guys for supporting my blog by following. ^_^)
Welcome, new followers, make yourself at home and I hope you enjoy my blog. :)


Last time I posted pictures of the raffle prizes, but one of them was not done. Now the last canvas bag is done and sent and hopefully already at its new home. ^_^

So here's what I made for Kiralia:

She requested something Totoro-related, so I made a bag with a full moon silhouette. I hope Kiralia likes it. :)


I also ordered business cards for my blog. Not because this is a business (or turning into one), but because many times when I've met new people and mentioned my blog in conversation, they've asked the address or name of the blog, and it would have been easier to just hand over a business card, instead of rattling out something like, "Well, it's somescoundrel.blogspot.com, or you can Google 'I Write Sins and Tragedies', or 'some scoundrel', or--"

So here they are:

Tacky/cheesy as they are, I'm rather fond of the design :D What do you think? :D


So, this was really just a quick update, I hope I can get back soon and present you with some new projects!



  1. Juu, kassi tuli viime viikolla perille ja on vallan ihuna :) En ole sitä vielä raaskinut käyttöönottaa, se vain lepäilee keittiön tuolin nojalla. :D iso kiitos sulle!

    Noi kortit ovat tosi hienon näköisiä. Hyvä idea muutenkin. Vaikka mulla on sen verran helpompi tuo blogiin ohjaaminen, kun riittää että googlaa Kiralian, niin silti ehkä... :D

    1. Jee, hyvä että löysi perille :) Kyllä sitä ihan käyttää voi, itselläkin on noita omia luomuksia kauppakasseina :D

      Joo, vielä en oo päässyt tempaisemaan käyntikorttia esiin missään kun ei ole tullut puheeksi, mutta toivon että pääsen Ropeconissa jakelemaan niitä kun on tarkoitus tehdä sinnekin jotain cosplay-juttua... ;)

  2. Oooh I love how you managed to make a cool Totoro design with only one colour!

    1. Thanks! I actually found the idea with google images, so I can't take all the credit! :D