Thursday, May 12, 2016

To the lighthouse - a maxi dress for summer

Hey everyone,
So I found this fabric for 6 euros:

It's a flowing fabric with a big lighthouse print. Altogether there were 5 lighthouses. The fabric was very wide, but not tall enough to be a maxi dress on its own.

So I cut the fabric like this:

I made the lighthouse pieces into an a-line skirt and then cut up the leftover triangles of sky to make the bodice. I almost didn't have enough for a waistband, so I had to construct it from many pieces. Luckily it's almost invisible in the finished dress. :)

I had such a sewing flow on that I didn't take more pictures of the process. I can make a more detailed post if you want, though. :)

Here's the finished dress:

And here's how it looks worn:

Bring on the sunshine and warmth!

The total cost of this dress was 6 euros 50 cents (6 euros for fabric and 50 cents for zipper), plus thread etc. But still, cheap for a maxi dress for sure!

Now I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear this outside! The fabric has such a nice drape and flow, I'm sure it will be nice and cool during the heat of the summer (if the summer ever comes...)

So, what do you think? :)

Satu / Sew Scoundrel


  1. Kiva maxi :) Näitä sun postauksia lukiessa tuli sellainen postausidea mieleen, kun että sun vaatekaapin sisältö :D Nimittäin näitä mekkoja ja hameita tulee sen verran paljon sulla, niin olisi kiva nähdä koko kolleksööni niin sanotusti ;)

    1. Kiitos!
      Haha, voi apua, mun vaatekaapista tuliskin oikein megapitkä postaus XD
      Mulla on kyllä tavoitteena pikkuhiljaa poistaa vaatekaapista tusinavaatteet ja korvata omatekemillä, eli jokainen mekko ei ole automaattisesti "lisäys" vaatekaappiin, vaan niitä viedään pois "toisesta päästä" :D Mutta onhan noita vaatteita kertynyt ihan hurja määrä... Pitää katsoa jos tekis tuollaisen jossain kohtaa :)

  2. You did a great job, I really admire your sewing skills! And I totally love the print!
    I arrived to your blog because I follow your instagram :D

    1. Thanks! I see you've left a lot of comments, I'll go check those out now! :D

  3. Wow! Just discovered your blog, and I am blown away by all the pretty garments! I also sew, using mostly second-hand fabrics. Your work is really inspiring. You're doing a great job:-D

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like what I'm doing! :)

  4. This is beautiful! You don't by chance sell them do you? I love love lighthouses and would love this dress!

    1. Thanks! Sorry for the belated reply, but no, this dress is one of a kind. I don't have any more of this fabric and I also kind of winged the pattern and I don't have it anymore :D