Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY infinity scarf

I found a scrap piece of colorful, see-through fabric at a fabric store sale bin. It was probably a piece of some sheer curtain or dress fabric. It was 1.5m long but there was only a narrow width of it. However, I loved the colors so I bought it anyway.

The color turns from black to blue to green to yellow - such lovely, summery hues.

I decided to make a light summer scarf.

First I pinned the fabric lengthwise, right sides together.

Then I sewed the long sides together, and turned the long tube of fabric the right way around again.

Then I pushed the yellow end inside the black end of the tube and turned the raw edges of the black fabric in. I sewed over the hemmed edge, simultaenously attaching the ends together. Like so:

Now I have a feather-light infinity scarf for summer use:

love, scoundrel

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