Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A quick DIY refashion: getting rid of BLING.

Today, I found in my closet a skirt I had bought from the local Goodwill store a while ago. I tried it on and it fit okay.

Now, there isn't very much wrong with the skirt, as you can see. It's rather nice as it is, print and all, aside from one tiny little detail...


Yes, sequins. Rows of silver sequins sewn all along the hem and down between the rope prints. I don't particularly like sequins. But since the silver is rather dull and not sparkly, I was ready to let it be and just wear the skirt as it was. So I put the skirt on, and--

I have to ask, have you ever tried sitting on a pile of sequins? Because I personally did not like the feeling of sequins digging into my ass when I sat down.

So off they came.

Bye-bye, sequins!

Seriously, why would anyone put sequins on that skirt? It looks a lot nicer without them.

The difference is subtle when you look at the pictures, but in real life it really makes quite a difference. Plus, you know, sitting down is not a literal pain in the ass anymore.

Rocking my new, sequin-free skirt.

So, this has turned into quite a sewing/clothing related blog. Meh, whatever. :P

love, scoundrel

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