Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look, I made a fancy dress!

So, I was browsing on the internet, when I came across yet another tutorial on how to make a skater dress. It looked simple enough, so I decided to give it a try, using that fancy fabric I'd snatched from the fabric store sale bin earlier.

This one right here.

The fabric is this thick, glossy black. I'm not exactly sure if it's even meant for clothing purposes, but whatever. It cost me like 6 euros, so I'd only lose that (and a fair amount of my time) if this didn't work out.

Only, as it turns out, it totally did work out.

Wouldn't you say?

So, In addition to lining the fabric as instructed in the video, I also added a diamond-shaped keyhole neckline. The inspiration to that came from this post by the same blogger who made the video tutorial. She's done it on the backside of her dress, but I decided to have a zipper in the back and a keyhole at the front. I didn't actually take my own measurements, but used the measurements of an existing top and just went for it (because I'm lazy). I'm almost surprised I managed to not opt out of lining the top part of the dress. I'm glad that I didn't, because the lining really makes the dress look almost professional.

Such a nice lining.

I had to separate the top from the skirt part once because I'd measured wrong and the top was too long and also bulging at the sides. I took it in, pinned it in place and thank heavens I didn't have to rip the seam open again. Also, I was worried when I added the zipper that it wouldn't zip all the way up (because my shoulders are like the Hulk's, duh), but it fit perfectly. If anything, it's still a bit loose around the waist. Well, at least I can have a huge dinner and don't have to worry about my dress ripping at the seams afterwards, woop woop! :D

So here's me rocking the finished dress:

Photos courtesy of my wonderful husband, who hates taking pictures but still takes them at my request. ❤

Also! I added something that is (sadly) often missing from dresses and skirts.

Seriously, it's not just dudes who want to carry stuff on their person without having to carry a purse or a bag. I have taken a tendency to add pockets into, well, everything. If I refashion a skirt or a dress for some reason, I always add pockets if there are none. With this dress, I just slit the skirt part about halfway down on both sides, added pockets, sewed it all back up and only then added the waistband. Simple as that. There is this wonderful, easy tutorial on how to add pockets into an existing skirt or dress, but the same goes for made-from-scratch skirts and dresses. You just need side seams.


Okay, so now I just need a party where I can actually wear this dress.

...Meaning, who wants to throw a dress-up party? ;)



    I can't believe you made this using my tutorial!!! It looks so good! Ahhh I'm so happy I inspired this in a big way, you don't even know :')
    I am TOTALLY going to do a keyhole cutout dress, it worked out so so so well on yours! And adding side pockets YES YES YES Thanks for the link to that tutorial! You babe :) thanks for linking me to this! xxx

    1. Haha, loving your incoherent keysmash there! Thanks! :D TBH I'm surprised how well this dress turned out... The keyhole neckline does add a little something to the dress, so that is definitely something worth doing again, even though it took a bit more effort.

      Your tutorial was amazing - so simple and easy to follow. I'm gonna go back and maybe try some other tutorials you have up as well :) Right now I'm doing a wool skirt with contrast color piping (and yet different kinds of pockets!), but maybe after I'm done with that...

      Thanks for commenting! xxx