Sunday, October 5, 2014

I saw Lindsey Stirling live! /fangirling

Yesterday, Lindsey Stirling begun her European tour from Helsinki. I bought tickets the minute they were available, and yesterday me, my husband and Stormiina headed out to The Circus in Helsinki to see the show.

I found Lindsey Stirling's music sometime in 2012 and she has been with me ever since. The first ever song I heard from her was Crystallize, so I was extremely happy that she played it last night. The show was amazing - energetic, visually stunning, funny and at times a bit sad (or maybe I was just so happy I was almost crying?) - and I loved every second of it.

We managed to get pretty close to the stage and I managed to snap some decent pictures (well decent considering I took them with my phone in poorly lit conditions). Here they are for your viewing pleasure. Spread the Lindsey love!

"Guys, I said Lady Gaga, not Nicki Minaj!"
(To get the reference, go see this video from the gig.)

Oh, and I made this Finland Monster and tossed it out onstage:

Lindsey picked it up and named it Kumquat (Seriously, could she be any more perfect?!)... I was so stunned that she took notice of my gift that I failed to take a picture with her holding it... so if you have a picture or video of her and the Monster named Kumquat, I'd like to see it, please!

I also made matching shirts for me and Stormiina (because of course I did):

So yeah, my feet hurt from standing (first an hour in line to the venue, then two hours in front of the stage, waiting for Lindsey) - and jumping (because when it's Lindsey Stirling, you have to rock out no matter how tired your feet are!), but I wouldn't have missed the concert for the world. I'm so happy she came to Finland and I got the opportunity to see her live. ^_^

So thank you Lindsey and thanks to everyone who was out there with me! Lindsey was amazing and we were amazing!



  1. Here is your Kumquat picture (not full size as it's too big (7Mt) for this website but good enough)

    1. Awesome, thank you for this, anonymous friend! ^_^