Monday, December 22, 2014

A kick-ass holiday dress made of tablecloth!

So last Christmas I got a Christmas/Yule* tablecloth. Bad thing about the tablecloth was that I couldn't use it when I got it, because it would have felt weird to add more Christmas decorations since Christmas was already done for the year. Also a bad thing was that I don't do tablecloths. And I mean it in the least dirty way possible.
*(Note, when I say "Christmas", I don't mean it in the religious way. It's just the simplest way to refer to this annual holiday, and though I'd rather use a neutral non-religious word, we'll settle for "Christmas". Or occasionally Yule. But anyways, no religious aspects here whatsoever!)

So anyways, a tablecloth. I am not a fan of tablecloths in general, and this was no exception. It's not a bad tablecloth considering it's a holiday themed tablecloth, but I knew it would probably never decorate the top of my table.

No sir, you are not going on my table!

But since the print was nice and not too tacky, I figured the tablecloth could, instead of a table, decorate me. Meaning, would it work as a dress?

I set to find out. After all, I didn't have anything to lose besides a tablecloth I wasn't going to use anyway.

Since there wasn't enough fabric for a full circle skirt, I opted for a half circle and cut it out:

Then I realized I needed to line both the top and the bottom part of the dress as the tablecloth was rather see-through. So then I cut up some of my husband's old dress shirts he had given me because he didn't need them anymore (they swapped to different color dress shirts at work a while ago so those white shirts just took up space in the closet...) I cut the front and the back parts of my dress, along with the white lining:

I then sewed the lining to the tablecloth along every edge besides the bottom one, right side to right side:

...then turned the pieces inside out to reveal beautifully lined front and back pieces:

Then I sewed some more strips of those dress shirts together to make a lining for the skirt part:

Once I'd attached the lining to the skirt and sewed the side and shoulder seams of the top (plus added some darts for a better fit), I attached the top to the bottom (right side to right side):

Then it was just a matter of sewing the still-open back seam together, adding a zipper, hemming the skirt and top-stitching the armholes and neckline. And as it turned out, what sort of sucked as a tablecloth kicks ass as a dress!


So, here's me rocking my tablecloth!

So, what do you think of my holiday attire? :)


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