Saturday, January 17, 2015

A few quick projects: Harry Potter Deathly Hallows tunic and Sherlock skirt

My studies caught up with me again. Suddenly there's an exam coming up next week and all other kinds of stuff happening. But I've managed to squeeze in a few quick sewing projects.

I bought this striped knit jersey from the Goodwill store for 2 euros and used about a half of it to make a loose-fitting tunic shirt. The tunic looked a bit dull on its own, so I simply made a Deathly Hallows symbol stencil and painted it on the tunic.

Here's the result:

If you want a tutorial for the tunic, ask for it in the comments and I'll make one. :) Otherwise, it's just going to be these two result pics.


Another piece of fabric I also bought from the Goodwill for 2 euros was this green-brownish-black sort of houndstooth/checkered one:

Somehow, it reminded me of Sherlock. Maybe it's the color, or the pattern, I don't know, but something about it seemed to scream Sherlock.

...It might be the hat. You know, since it's almost the same color and design. :D

So anyways, Sherlock. I got a request to do Sherlock in my last post and I'd wanted to do something Sherlock-y with that fabric a while anyway. But I also wanted it to be something that I would actually wear. Because I am mostly a dress/skirt person, I decided to make in into a skirt, because I feel like all I've been making lately is dresses. Not that there's anything wrong with making ALL THE DRESSES, but still. One should change it up a bit every now and then to keep things interesting.

I wanted a print on the skirt, so then it'd have to be half-circle for the design to show, but also so it'd be a-line enough so I'll wear it. I love a-line skirts and dresses. Bodycon/pencil is not my thing, because it makes me look like I have curves in all the wrong places.

So, I cut out a half-circle piece and slit the sides down a bit to add side pockets. Once the pockets were done, it was time for the paint job.

As for the design, I decided on a silhouette, because those are easy to make. But I wanted to add a teeny little twist, so it wasn't just a Benedict Cumberbatch silhouette... and this is what I came up with:

I simply took a photo I found with Google, flipped it over, removed everything aside from the outline and added the text from another image also found on Google images. Then I traced the image on self-adhesive book cover and cut everything out, attached it on the skirt and painted over in black and when the black had dried, drew the text in white.

Like so:

Then I finished the skirt with a waistband, a zipper and a hem.

(I swore off of buttonholes last fall but since it was only one I decided to go for it...)

I wore the end result as we went out tonight:

So, that's my take on a piece of clothing inspired by BBC's Sherlock. What do you think? :)



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    1. It's so awesome. I should fix it at some point, because it was made before I got an overlocker and the raw edges inside the skirt are unraveling... :/