Friday, February 27, 2015

Marvel/Avengers: Loki dress

I've still been busy-busy-busy, but I did manage to finally make the Marvel/Avengers themed dress. I'd had the pieces cut out for... what, a month? But only now I had the time to sew the dress together and add a nice picture... It's partially stencil, partially free-hand drawn pattern. This is my first time free-handing something on fabric, so it's a bit of a practice piece, but I think it turned out okay.

I didn't take pictures of the dress-making process, because it's pretty much the same as before. Cut out pieces, make a lining, sew everything together... This time I added sleeves inspired by this dress.

Here's the dress:

(Floral lining! :D)

I then drew my stencil:

The stencil was more than a bit inspired by this neat piece of art. The swirly bits are pretty much straight from it. I chose a silhouette of Loki with a slightly different angle of the head, though.

I cut out the head and the birds, but not the swirls, because that would have been a pain. Then I attached the stencil onto the dress and painted over in green. Of course in green. It's Loki.

Once I'd painted over the stencil, I pulled the self-adhesive off and let the paint dry a bit. Then I took a small paintbrush and drew the swirls as I best could. I added a few birds, too.

(This photo doesn't show the color right. The green is darker and not at all as turqoise as it looks here.)

And voilà!

(This is a better representation of the color!)

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. It's sort of subtle but then again screaming fandom. Just the way I like it.

So, what do you think? :)


PS. If you have wishes/suggestions as to what I should do next, please comment! :)


  1. Mä niin tykkään näistä mekoista, koska vaikka ei oliskaan mikään hullu fangirl, niin nää on silti tosi nättejä ja kivoja! :)

  2. Olisiko mahdollista tehdä postausta millaisia välineitä käytät, kun muokkailet näitä vaatteita. :)
    Itseä kiinnostaisi ainakin kovin nää kankaanpainanta/maalaus-jutut, millasia maaleja mistä ja mistä teet sapluunat. Näin nyt esimerkiksi!

    1. Joo, toki on mahdollista, kiitos ehdotuksesta :)
      Seuraavaa projektia tässä jo kasailen joten ehkä liitän siihen tuollaisen geneerisen infopläjäyksen näistä sitten ^_^

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Sadly this one shrunk in the wash (always pre-wash your fabrics before you sew, I learned it the hard way!) and I couldn't use it anymore so I salvaged what I could and used it again (this fabric was used to make the fabric buttons of my winter coat, actually...)