Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Margaery Tyrell cosplay pics and a maxi skirt to dress refashion

In my last post I posted about the cosplay I made for this year's Ropecon. Here are some better pictures of said costume:

(Both photos by Kyuu Eturautti.)

Also, here's a picture of the hairdo, because I think it turned out pretty nice (considering Natalie Dormer wears a massive wig to play Margaery and I only had my own hair to work with...) :P

I did a slightly modified version of this YouTube tutorial. And by "modified" I mean "simplified". :D Meaning I didn't bother to take the bobby pins out of the twists and tie them into a small ponytail; instead I just left the bobby pins where they were and added the second ponytail on top of them and twisted it around itself once. But I rather like the way it turned out. :)


So, I managed to finish a skirt-to-dress remake today, and about time, too. This one had been waiting for its transformation for about a month.

I started with this thrifted maxi skirt (I think it was handmade by someone, I simply loved the pattern and the colors):

Sure, it would have been good to use as-is, but I'm not a fan of maxi skirts since they are always a bit too short for me and look rather silly.

So I measured from hem up to get the desired length for the skirt part of the dress and sliced the skirt:

Then I cut the top part:

I decided to make a side cutout dress, so I chopped off small triangular pieces from both the front and the back pieces, then sewed a lining all around the pieces and turned them the right way round. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of this...

Then I sewed basting stitches around the lower part and gathered the fabric until it matched my waist.

I added a waistband of plain black fabric and attached the top pieces together and then onto the bottom part. Lastly I added a zipper, and lo and behold, maxi skirt turned into dress:

Here's how it looks on me:


So, what do you think? :)



  1. Love this dress! Ja ihanaa kun kirjoitat englanniksi :)

    1. Thanks! ^_^
      Mukava että tykkäät kielivalinnasta, musta on kiva kirjoitella englanniksi vaikken aivan natiivitason englanninpuhuja olekaan :D

  2. Molemmat hienoja!

    Muuten taisin bongata tuon hameesta-mekoksi muutoksen eräässä somen ryhmässä kanssa :)

    1. Kiitos! Ja juu postasin tuon muutoskuvan Ompeluelämää-sivustolle Facessa :D

  3. Such a great costume! You look great :) *Big claps*

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. ^_^

      Went to check out your blog and started following you on bloglovin'... looks like my kind of blog. :)

  4. Oooh I love cutout dresses and of course GOT!