Monday, July 13, 2015

Household fabrics into clothing vol. ??? - dress from a curtain

It's the middle of July and I'm making fall clothes. Perhaps it's because it hasn't really felt like summer due to the weather being rainy and cold, so I'm simply looking ahead and planning for when it really gets cold and miserable.

And well, today's project isn't fall-themed except for the colors of the print on the fabric (and maybe the thickness of the fabric).

See, I found this 1m x 2m curtain from a secondhand store for 2 euros, and I immediately loved the print:

The colors are definitely made for fall, even though the print itself is sort of summery.

I'd had this inspiration picture of a front-zip dress saved on my laptop for ages now, so I decided to try it out with the curtain:

I'd found a long separating zipper for 50 cents at the secondhand store, and it was dark brown with brass-colored zipper teeth so it was perfect for this fabric.

I started out by cutting the already hemmed ends of the curtain (so I wouldn't have to hem the dress, because I'm lazy af. ;D) I cut them 57cm long from both ends of the fabric, leaving enough fabric in the middle to make the top:

I then placed the two bottom pieces right sides together and sewed down on one side only, making a 2m x 0.57m piece with a seam down the middle (this seam will be at the back):

I made pleats on the piece until it matched my waist:

Then I sewed over the pleats to keep them in place (and took off the pins from the hem):

I cut out the top pieces from the remaining fabric:

The two separate pieces are the front (since the zipper will be in the front).

Then I simply sewed the top pieces together at the sides, added some darts to make it more fitting and also made one pleat to the front on each side of the zipper. I attached the top to the bottom right sides together, sewed the zipper in, hemmed the armholes and neckline and the dress was done:

Also, just for the hell of it, I tried the dress on "backwards", and what do you know, it works just as well! (If you can stand sitting on a zipper... :P)

So I can wear it like this for a change...

...But I think I prefer this look. :)


So yeah, Scoundrel makes clothes out of household fabrics, vol. ???

What do you think about the front zipper? Yay or nay? :)



  1. I totally love it (especially with the zipper on the back), it's so autumnish!

    1. Thanks! For some reason I like the front zip detail, so I've never worn it the "wrong" way out when I've worn this piece... but yeah, the fabric is gorgeous! :)