Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some random things I've sewn lately (shirts, skirts and a dress)

Hello everyone,
I've done a lot of sewing lately, but I haven't put all of my finished projects on my blog. Here are some pictures of stuff I've finished.

When I made that matching vintage crop top and skirt, I made another cropped tee as well, with raglan sleeves:

(Also of vintage fabric.)

I also made a shirt for a 4th of July hangout I had with a friend (front piece fabric from my grandma-in-law, lacy fabric from a from a blanket piece I got from a friend):

(Star-and-stripes drawn on Paint, made into stencil and painted with fabric paint.)


Then I've made skirts. Seriously, I'm like a skirt machine or something. I see a fun patterned fabric, and BAM! It turns into a skirt.

...As demonstrated by:

A) A former picnic blanket (7 euros from secondhand store):

(I also made the bandeau style top.)

B) this floral fabric (2 euros from secondhand store):

C) This old curtain (4 euros from secondhand store, fabric design is Marimekko):

D) This maxi skirt (skirt fabric 2 euros from secondhand store, and the top is actually the hem of a pencil dress I'd chopped in half earlier this summer):


I also made this dress with lace pieces at the waist, hem and sleeves (blue fabric from my grandma-in-law, lace is from the same blanket piece as the 4th of July shirt):


So yeah. I've been sewing a lot. :D What do you think of these pieces? :)



  1. Scoundrel, I think your pieces are amazing! :)
    I especially like the tops and the last dress. You are very crafty :)

    Why Buy? DIY!

    1. Hey, thanks so much! :)
      I went to see your blog as well, great crafty ideas there too! :)

  2. wow! you're amazing! i wish i have my own sewing machine too. anyway, it's always nice to create rather than buy RTW pieces. :)) Have a great day!~

    xoxo, rae

    1. Thanks! ^_^
      Yeah I love it that I can wear unique pieces that no one else has.

      If you want a sewing machine, you could look into secondhand stores and flea markets, they sometimes sell used sewing machines that work at bargain prices. :)

  3. That's a lot of stuff! My favourites of the bunch are the crop tops and the patchwork skirt :D

    1. Indeed it is! :D I've actually never worn the patchwork skirt, which is kind of a shame, but the drape of the fabric is very stiff so it doesn't fall that nicely :/ I should try to fix it, maybe use an underskirt or put some weights in the hem...