Friday, September 25, 2015

Photoshoot: high priestess of the forest (with DIY outfit)

Hey everyone,
So the other day, I started to wonder how difficult it would be to make a sort of medieval / Celtic / some kind of dress-cloak-whatever-thingy.

I kind of sketched something on paper...

Yeah, this was my "pattern". :D

...then I went on to cut two pieces of fabric I bought from the Salvation Army secondhand store for 5 euros altogether. And clothing happened.

So naturally, I then dragged my friend into a forest to take pictures. :D

(All pictures by the lovely Stormiina.)

So, what do you think of the outfit? And more importantly, the photos? Aren't they gorgeous? I am so lucky to have a friend who agrees to tag along with me to a damp forest and then proceeds to take awesome pictures of me. ♥ ^_^



  1. Wau, well done! Looks beautiful. I love the photos! Like a little tale.

  2. That is amazing!!! I want one!! Hehe! :D
    The photos are just beautiful! :)

  3. It's really beautiful and the photos are indeed gorgeous :D

    1. Thanks! Phew, that was a lot of amazing comments from you, thanks so much for sticking around in my blog! ^_^

    2. Thank you, you're such an inspiration! I can't stop scrolling through your projects! Sorry for the comments invasion XD