Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I have turned over to the dark side...

...Meaning, I'm now on Instagram.

I only recently started thinking that it could be okay to have an Instagram account, but then as I thought about making one, it turned out my old faithful Nokia with its Symbian OS did was not included in Instagram's supported operating systems. So then I buried the thought of Instagram for a while.

Then my old Nokia (3.5 years old - in phone years that's like 600, right? :D) started getting slow and begun crashing for no reason every now and then. So I started looking for a replacement for the good ol' 808, and I settled on LG G4. Because camera. My main use of a phone is calling, texting and taking pictures, so the camera had to be adequate. So yesterday, my husband got me an LG G4. (Best. Husband. Ever.)

Since the G4 is like twice as big as my old phone, the first thing I did was to sew a pouch for it. A galaxy print pouch, because oh hell yes galaxy print!

...and then I signed up on Instagram.

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So come follow me on Instagram! And let me know your instagrams so I can follow you. :)


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