Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fox applique shirt

Hello again,
So last night I suddenly realized there weren't enough foxes in my life. Or specifically, on my clothes. Because foxes are awesome, right?

So I searched for a nice fox image to applique on a shirt.

I found this cute fox couple by Etsy user mikaart, and since this is only for my own use I shamelessly copied it. :P

I used a brown fabric, freehanded the foxes on it and cut out:

Then I used the fabric paint pens and a fabric marker to color the foxes in.

Then I made a shirt for the foxes.

It's literally the easiest shirt to make: it's one piece, with seams running under-arm and down the sides, the neck-hole cut in the middle. I serged the sides and also serged in the edge pieces. It takes like an hour to finish this kind of shirt.

The safety pin in the middle is to mark where the applique will be placed.

Then I pinned and sewed the foxes onto the shirt, along the edges.

And done!

So, what do you think of this applique shirt? :)



  1. Ketut on niin mainioita otuksia, mainio paita!

    1. Kiitos! Olen itsekin paitaan tosi tyytyväinen :)

  2. I thrifted and altered a green sweashirt on which I applied a fox applique, and it looks really similar :D

    1. Ooh that's cool, do you have a picture of yours? :)

    2. Here it is ^^