Friday, November 20, 2015

Quick refashion: awful dress into a sweet skirt!

So this was just a quick refashion project.

I got this dress for free (a neighbor was moving away and cleaned her closet - she'd left some dresses hanging in the basement with a note that said they're free for the taking). I immediately loved the baggy cream-colored hem, but I also had an instant dislike towards the top part.

I tried it on, and it looked exactly like something I'd never wear: the top part made my arms and shoulders look way bigger and flabbier than they are and the waistline starting right below the boobs just doesn't flatter my body (actually, I don't think it flatters pretty much anyone's body, but that's just my opinion...) Also, as a dress it was waaaaaay too short for me. Like, inappropriately short. I could never have worn it as-is without flashing everyone within a mile's radius.

So, I pinned the hem piece below the top to keep the lining and main fabric together, then cut right above the pins.

I serged the edge to keep the two layers of fabric together.

Then I destroyed the top piece to make a waistband.

I simply serged the waistband on, leaving a gap of a few inches, through which I then pulled a wide elastic band. I sewed the ends of the elastic together and closed the gap in the waistband.

And done!



So, what do you think of this simple refash? :)



  1. Sulla on kyl kiva oma tyyli. Tykkään! Hameesta tuli kiva. :)

    1. Kiitos paljon! Tykkään itsekin, ja on aina kiva pelastaa ja tehdä uutta jonkun hylkäämista tavaroista tai vaatteista. :)