Saturday, February 6, 2016

My skirt has holes in it! (using lace eyelet fabric)

Hey everyone,
This is just a super quick post about a skirt I was inspired to make yesterday.

I went fabric-shopping with a friend that I'm making a dress for. They had these scrap piles of fabrics in the store, and rummaging through them I found this:

Whoa, this is so not the actual color. o_O

It's a light gray wool fabric with lace eyelet cutouts. I looked at the almost-yard-piece and thought, "Well, that eyelet design would look pretty cool at the hem of a skirt."

I bought the scrap piece (cost me 2.40€) and brought it home.

I cut the fabric into two rectangles from the ends toward the center. This gave me the skirt pieces, and the remaining piece in the middle became the waistband. I sewed the two skirt pieces together at one side (the other side is the zipper side, so I left that open for now).

I realized that the wool fabric was of the clingy type, meaning the skirt would crawl up my thighs when used. So it needed a slippery lining.

I found a piece of secondhand lining fabric in my stash and cut two rectangles that were as wide as the skirt pieces and so long that the lining wouldn't show behind the eyelet holes at the hem. Now usually underskirts or linings are not as wide as the main fabric pieces, but I decided to do it this way to allow more movement (I hate it when underskirts are too tight). I also sewed the lining pieces together at one side.

I placed the lining on the inside of the skirt fabric...

...basted it onto the skirt pieces and then pleated the whole thing to match my waist.

I sewed the pleats in place and made the waistband, which I then sewed onto the skirt.

I sewed closed the gap in the side (separately for the lining and the main fabric).

Then I attached the zipper, hemmed the main fabric and the lining, and the skirt was done!

I think this is the most accurate representation of the actual color of the skirt - I couldn't for the life of me get it to show correctly in photos.

(Seriously, it was so difficult to get the right color to show in photographs! In the first ones the fabric looks waaaaay too dark gray, then in these following pictures it's almost white... ugh. :P)

So, here's how it looks worn:

(Sorry about my tired-looking face - I've been sick with a cold all week, and it kind of shows... :D)

So, that kind of simple project this time. I'm very pleased with how the skirt turned out. What do you think? :)

Satu / Sew Scoundrel


  1. Nice job again! In Italy is really difficult to find cheap fabric, sometimes it's cheaper to buy second hand clothes at fabric stalls and dismantle them.

    1. Thanks! I'm lucky enough to have secondhand stores that sell fabric and this one cheap fabric store that has a huge storage building full of fabric... in "regular" fabric stores here fabrics are really expensive!