Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scallop hem skirt from recycled materials

Hey all,
So over on Make Thrift Buy Community Challenges our challenge this time was a skirt with scalloped hem.

Here is the original inspiration photo:

From Urban Outfitters

I'd seen this no-sew suede style skirt on Pinterest, and wanted to make something similar.

From Martha Stewart.

I'd bought this green fabric that was non-fraying and kind of resembled fake suede. It cost me 2 euros at the Salvation Army secondhand store.

There was a pattern at the Martha Stewart website, but I didn't want the top part to be scalloped and wanted to make a waistband instead. So I drew my own pattern. It looked something like this:

I first cut the fabric bigger than I intended the final skirt to be and then used a plastic cup to draw in the scallops. I cut the scallops and attached a long rectangle for a waistband. I tried the skirt on like 580 times throughout the process so it would fit. I marked with pins where the fastening should be. The fastening I used was from an old thrifted skirt I'd previously cut apart for another project. I also added one snap button to make sure I wouldn't flash people by accident. I draped and ironed the front so the fabric would fall nicely and fold over itself.

So here is the skirt ready:

And here's how it looks worn:


If you want to make something similar for yourself, I suggest fabric that is rather heavy-weight and drapes nicely. Suede or fake suede or something that hangs the same will work. If the fabric is too light it won't drape nicely and keep its shape. The fabric should also be non-fraying as the scallop edge is not hemmed.

All in all I'm really happy with how this turned out. :)

What do you think of this scalloped skirt?

Sew Scoundrel / Satu