Monday, August 11, 2014

Jackson Pollock inspired DIY

A while ago I was googling something related to sewing dresses, so I was messing around on Google Images when I came across this picture:

Picture from here.

So I found this awesome tutorial about painting a dress, Pollock style.

Some actual Pollock for reference.
Picture from here.

I had this light blue skirt that I purchased a while back from Goodwill. I had previously taken it in about an inch so it would sit nicely on my waist, but as I generally shy away from light colors, it still felt a bit dull. So it was the perfect target to try the Pollock inspired DIY on.

I bought some black textile paint from a craft store, took a few different sizes of paint brushes and got to it. By the end of the process, I had black paint up to my elbows and also some random splashes below my knees, and the skirt hem started to look like this:

I let the paint dry overnight and then ironed it to set the paint (as instructed on the container).


I'm so happy with how the skirt turned out. And painting it was so much fun, too! I got to splash around like a kid fingerpainting. :D And now the skirt doesn't look dull anymore, so I'm guessing I'll be wearing it a lot more from now on. Hooray for DIYs!

Rocking the new look.

love, scoundrel