Thursday, June 18, 2015

Skirt out of vintage fabric

Hey everyone,
So last week we visited my husband's grandma. She has this stash of fabric lying around, and she doesn't do sewing anymore, so I always get to rummage through her stash while I'm there. Last time I did that around New Year's, I ended up making this House Stark sigil dress out of one of the fabrics I got from her. This time, I went through a cardboard box full of stretchy knits. She said they're all dyed in a local factory a long time ago, so actually I was rummaging through a gold mine of Finnish vintage fabrics. (Cue a choir of angels singing somewhere.)

Holy awesome.

So now I got around to making a skirt out of one of the fabrics.

This black-green-gold beauty, to be precise.

I wanted to make a full/circle skirt, but that is difficult with a fabric that has lines or a pattern that needs to be positioned in a certain way.

So then I calculated the size of eight slices that I could cut out and then sew together to make a circle where the lines run horizontally all around the skirt.

Slice, slice, slice...

Sewing the pieces together was extremely quick and painless, thanks to my new overlocker. ♥

I then made and pinned a waistband:

I serged the waistband in. Seriously, like 90% of this skirt was made by only using the overlocker. So much love. ♥

Then, since the slices didn't have curve along the hem, I measured 60cm down from the waistband and serged the hem along the curve. Serrrrrge.

Then I sewed the back pieces together and added a zipper.

Almost done - after this I just needed to turn the hem over once and top-stitch that in place, and the skirt was finished!

Here's the skirt on me:

I think the skirt turned out awesome. It's an amazing feeling to be wearing something that's made of vintage fabric. I love the pattern and how it runs around the skirt... And the best part is, there's still enough fabric left to make a matching shirt at some point! :)


Edit. June 22nd:

I made the matching shirt, using this tutorial:

I'm loving this outfit ot pieces tbh. ♥

So, what do you think of the skirt and the shirt? :)



  1. OMG I love it so much as a coordinate! These fabrics are amazing! My granny has beautiful fabrics, but they were ruined by moths and I don't want to take the infestation home -_-'

    1. Thanks! This is still to date one of my favorite sets. And I've worn the skirt a lot even without the top (especially in the winter when crop tops in Finland are a big no-no, unless you want to freeze your belly :D)