Friday, September 5, 2014

Photoshoot: In the ruins of a castle

Yesterday me and Stormiina drove to the ruins of Kuusisto Castle to do a photoshoot. I was wearing a self-made floor-length skirt with a bodycon dress beneath it as the top. I'd added some slightly ruffly sleeves to the bodycon dress, and I was ready to rock the ruins! I also had a long black cape I made earlier in the summer. Stormiina was wearing red skirt with a red cape I made for her - the perfect imitation of the Little Red Riding Hood. We had so much fun doing the photoshoot and we're planning on going again in the winter, when snow covers the ruins and gives the place an eerie, dramatic look. :)

But yeah, here are some of the ~400 photos we snapped yesterday. All pictures of me by Stormiina, all pictures of Stormiina by me. All photos edited by Stormiina. :)

Just a fair maiden from times of old.

Oh you know, just hanging in the middle of the ruins of my castle, no biggie.

I'm so noble I can't even look at you, peasants.

I look suicidal. But I kind of want to make a poster out of this photo. :D

~Looking down on you.

~Dreaming of my prince.

I wonder if my prince is coming to pick me up soon?

Seriously, where is he? I'm getting bored here hanging with these stupid rocks.

Maybe I'll see him if I look behind the tree?

(Sadly, no.)

...or if I look around here...?

(Alas! No princes there either... but look, is that--)

--Little Red Riding Hood! (Who apparently just crawled out of a hole in the castle wall, whoa. On a scale from one to Little Red Riding Hood, how rough was your last night? :D)

She is looking fierce, though.

Here, let me try that fierce thing:

Nope, I just look like I escaped from a horror movie. Damnit.

Hanging out in a hole in the wall. Just like they used to back in the days?

Stormiina makes the whole hanging in a hole in the wall thing look so much better than what I can manage.

*dramatic prairie dog look*

*dramatic I-don't-even-know-what look* :P

Stormiina is also looking for her prince? (Or maybe a wolf?)

On a bridge, still looking fierce.


And finally, the both of us. Photo courtesy of an old, crumbling wall where we set the camera. :D


Thanks so much for doing this with me, Stormiina, it was a lot of fun! ♥


PS. Stormiina had a bit too much fun with photoshop, so here, have a picture of me looking like a freaking Disney princess, birds and butterflies and all:

I really have nothing to add. :D


  1. Originally there was a bird on your shoulder too, but I thought that was a bit too much... :D But yay, this was fun! <3

    1. Nothing is TOO MUCH when it's Disney... just saying... :D