Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yet another dress I made & I joined Pinterest

When I went to buy fabric for the red cape I made for Stormiina for our castle photoshoot (previous post), they had a sale going on in the fabric store. Cue to me going insane.

Yeah, I cleared out the scrap pieces bin...

Fall is coming, so I went for red shades. Such a nice hue for cold fall days. The red and black houndstooth (upper left corner) is this thick, stretchy fabric, so I paired it with a cut-off pantleg of some stretchy jeans, added a front zipper and made a dress for fall.

I probably should have done the black contrast pieces in a fabric that is similar to the houndstooth one, but I didn't have any and I was too lazy to go to the fabric store to get some. So I made use of the pantlegs of some jeans I cut into shorts last summer, and it worked out just fine as well.

Rocking the new dress.
(The belt I'm wearing with the dress is from H&M sale.)

So, that kind of a dress this time.

Also, I finally caved and joined Pinterest. You can find my Pinterest here - I'm planning on putting my sewing inspiration and style inspiration pictures there. It's mostly just for me to stay organized, because right now my inspiration pictures are just clumped up in one messy folder on my computer desktop, but you're more than welcome to follow me etc. :)


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