Monday, August 10, 2015

A backpack, a dress and a plush toy.

Hey all,
I didn't even realize it's been so long since I last posted. Of course that's subjective, but it feels like I just updated... and then I looked at the date I last updated and it's well back in July! :o

I've been doing sewing lately, but I haven't bothered to take pictures of the process, or if I have those projects are not finished (I am in the middle of a dress project that I've photographed but it's not finished by a long shot...)

Here's some things I have done lately...


The zipper of my backpack broke, so I harvested the good parts (the side pocket, straps and handle) and then combined a variety of DIY backpack tutorials to make a new "body" for the backpack. It's my first ever backpack and I couldn't be more happy with it!

The fabric is a thick non-stretchy piece I found at the Salvation Army secondhand store for 2 euros. I just took this backpack with me to Tallinn for a few days and it seems to be very sturdy and durable. :)


I also made a dress for Tallinn because "I have nothing to wear!" (Ha. Ha. Ha. I'm so funny. :P)

And here I am at Old Town of Tallinn with the dress on:

That dress turned out amazing, I love it to bits.


And last but not least, I made a Totoro plushie as a birthday present for a friend:

Maniacal grin.


Somehow I've been low on ideas lately when it comes to geeky/nerdy stuff. It feels like I'm all out of ideas or that I've already done everything there is to make... But I did find some cool fabric in a fabric store in Tallinn, so perhaps that will inspire me... ;)


So, what do you think of the backpack, the dress and the plush toy? :)



  1. That dress is beyond amazing! It looks really great :]

  2. übersöpö Totoro! oliko kaavaa vai sääditkö itse?

    1. Kiitos! :)
      Katsoin mallia tästä videosta, mutta kaavat piirsin itse, en siis käyttänyt tuota valmista kaavaa.