Monday, August 31, 2015

DIY Portal Companion Cube plushie (a giveaway!)

Hey all,
So I made this?

I got the idea of a Companion Cube plushie and searched the internet for tutorials. So I found this tutorial (links to detailed tutorial in the description below the image), but it was made of felt and sewn by hand, and I hate sewing things by hand. So I tweaked the tutorial just a bit.

Or, you know, a lot.

I found these fabrics at a secondhand store for 3,5 euros. Close enough.

I drew the pattern and cut out the pieces:

The exact amount of pieces is mentioned in the tutorial I linked above.

Since I used a fraying kind of fabric, most pieces had to be cut out double, attached right sides together and then turned inside out to leave the raw edges within... like the hearts and the circles the hearts are on... *sigh*

So then I cut, and cut, and cut, and cut... Both my scissors and my wrist now hate me.

So then I sewed the hearts - two hearts together, sew along the edges leaving a small gap, turn the whole thing inside out... repeat, repeat, repeat.

Heart factory.

Add pink lines (I didn't have enough pink fabric to do full-length ribbons simply crossing in the middle, so this is what I did instead), and attach corners:

Repeat, repeat, repeat...

Then I sewed the smaller side pieces together, right side to right side, and turned them inside out as well...

Once I had attached all the corners, I simply sewed the heart-circles in the middle...

Then is was assembly-time!

On the right-side picture I've begun to attach the small side pieces over the seams. After this I just sewed the pieces into a box shape, and after every seam I attached the side piece over the seam (since it was still possible to do that with a sewing machine and not by hand, woo!)

So then after the last seams were done, I had this very sad-looking cube:


To fill my cube up, I used the insides of some old pillows and some store-bought polyester padding.

Then I hand-stitched the gap and hand-stitched the last side piece onto the seam. And done!

It's pretty huge...

It's going to be my cuddle companion when my husband is at work, or when I need a companion for all that stressful studying which is ahead of me... ♥



So, I think my Companion Cube turned out pretty neat, don't you? :)

...which is why I actually made two...

...And I'm doing a giveaway for the second Cube.

So, if you want to win one of these Companion Cubes, read on!

Here's how you enter the giveaway:
1) Comment on this post telling me why you need a Companion Cube (in English or Finnish). Also leave your email address in the comment, or if you value your privacy and don't want to leave your email out in the open, send me an email with your details: gwenhwyfarsdottir [at] gmail [dot] com
2) Following me on Blogger, Bloglovin' or Pinterest gets you an extra ticket in the raffle. Let me know where you follow me so I can check :D
3) Advertise this contest on your website or blog to get an extra ticket in the raffle. Leave me a link to your ad.

So altogether you can get your name in the raffle three times: one if you simply comment, and an extra for following or advertising, two extras for both.

The raffle ends on Wednesday, September 9th at 23:59 EEST (Eastern European Summer Time). The winner will be contacted by email. I will ship internationally, so anyone can participate.

I will draw the winner by writing your emails down onto pieces of paper and picking one out at random from a bowl or a hat or something.

Good luck!

Image from here.



  1. En osaa sanoa miksi tuon tarvitsisin, muuta kuin että se on älyttömän hieno joten haluan sellaisen :) seuraan bloggerissa ja mainostan blogissani lähipäivinä kunhan ehdin sinne jotain postata... Eli 3 arpaa, kiitos. annele76 at Gmail piste com

  2. Do want, 'cause area and state regulations do not allow the Companion Cube to remain here, alone and companionless.

    a . lipsanen (at) gmail . com

  3. I need the Companion Cube to keep me company when I'm studying or working on my research!

    elituuli (at) gmail . com

  4. - I go to a lot of cons with my boyfriend, but sometimes we'll go to watch separate program items. Companion cube would help me in situations like those and I could seat it next to me ;) Plus I am such a big fan of the Portal games, so it would go well with my portal earrings, socks and t-shirt!
    -I followed you on Blogger
    - I posted an ad here:

    So three tickets and email is: korppisusi (at) gmail . com

  5. Tarvitsen tuon ihan vain, koska se on vain aivan älyttömän söpö ja pitää olla joku, jota rutistella ahdistuskohtausten aikana. ^-^ Seuraan sinua bloggerissa, bloglovinissa ja pinterestissä.

  6. I have to make one for one of my best friends, she would die of happiness.