Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Back to school" DIY: Stargate SG-1 backpack

Hey everyone,
In the last post I asked your opinions about what I should put on the front of the green and black dress I made... Thanks for all the comments, here on the blog as well as on my FB. Well, right now Loki and Evenstar are tied, so if you still want to voice your opinion, head over to the last post and leave a comment :) If this ends in a tie I'll probably just print out both pictures on transfer paper and see which looks better and just iron it on :D

So a while ago I made a backpack, and while it is super awesome and has served me well, classes are starting soon and the backpack I made just isn't big enough to hold a binder, my laptop or whatever else I might need... so I decided I needed to make another backpack that could be used for the bigger items I'll need to carry with me to class.

Since I am lazy and love shortcuts, I tore apart this 4€ secondhand briefcase-style bag:

I took the long strap and cut in two to make straps for my backpack, and I also took the handle and some random pieces for other stuff, such as a strip of leather for padding the straps at shoulders etc.

I There was this cool pocket inside the bag, which I wanted to use on the front of the backpack, so I cut it out, cut a slit on the front piece of the backpack and put the decorative zipper on the right side of the fabric, leaving the pocket on the inside:

The fabric I used for the body of the backpack is the same I used to make a piping detail skirt last year. I bought the fabric off a flea market for 5€.

I also made a lining and an inside pocket for the backpack:

I put together the pieces of the lining and the backpack separately. I attached the straps and handle. I added a zipper on top and a side pocket for a water bottle. I then sewed everything together and realized it was 1AM and I'd been at it for about seven or eight hours and totally forgotten to eat.

But the backpack looked like this, which was nice:

So I went to bed and woke up thinking I wanted to add something to the backpack. So why not Stargate's Earth symbol?

I cut the symbol and hand-stitched it to the backpack.

So here it is in all its glory:

Plenty of room for binders, laptop etc.


So, what do you think? :) I think it turned out pretty awesome. ^_^



  1. That is pure genius (I liked a lot the bag as it was too ;P)!

    1. Thanks! I used the bag as-is for years but it wasn't the most comfortable to carry because of the narrow strap... so I decided it was time for it to get another life as a backpack! :D